Top 5 Faves 3/10 - Time saving app, fab web series, coffee’s best friend & more!

Trying out a new thing of listing my top 5 favorites for the week. Here they are (in no particular order) …

1) TextExpander - Love this. You can create abbreviations & snippets which the program then fills in with your customized amount of text. For example: wweb ->

2) BetaLi.St - Excellent for those who are constantly curious about the newest programs and apps which are in beta testing. I’ve started receiving their email newsletters & I’m hooked on finding the latest & greatest in Internet startups.

3) Submissions Only - Hilarious, adorable, true to life for almost any actor & there are those Broadway star cameos. Also love how the whole series is written, directed & starring artists who are creating their own work.

4) Milk Frother - Coffee’s best friend. Bought mine at Ikea for $2 & my oh my the difference it makes! Beautifully foamy lattes in no time! Get. Yours. Now.

5) Misty Easler - Misty was the makeup artist on my short film Hurts Like Love. She is currently going through a weight loss transformation & to help make that possible she has reached out to the community & started an IndieGoGo campaign. I am so proud of her for taking such a bold step toward reaching her goal. Go Misty!

That’s all for now! 



Interracial Marriages, Being a Mixed Chick & Family Love

In light of recent statistics showing 1 in 12 marriages are interracial and the release of the HBO documentary on Mr. and Mrs. Loving and their landmark Supreme Court case to legalize interracial marriage in this country, I am proud to present … an interview with my parents and my Skype portion with Kisha Henry of OKC Fox News 25. There’s still a long way to go, but in the end - love wins.

All smiles at Urban Mediamakers Film Festival.

Team Red Wall represents in ATL!

Pleased and proud to have been a part of the 10th Annual Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Duluth, GA from October 14th - 16th. Red Wall Productions presented an acting workshop with Vanessa Williams, Nailing The Audition, as well as a film workshop for emerging filmmakers with Craig T. Williams and Randy Dottin - Write. Shoot. Cut. Play. Both workshops were incredibly valuable and enjoyable; very glad I had the opportunity to assist and soak up the knowledge.

My short film Hurts Like Love was screened and well-received on the 2nd day of the festival. The Truth About Beauty And Blogs which I helped produce and was written by and starring Kelechi Ezie was also screened as part of the festival and won 2nd place for Best Comedy Short! Yay Kelechi! All in all it was a fantastic trip down to ATL - sunshine, Southern food, indie filmmakers, artistic inspiration … hence the reason we’re all grinning ear-to-ear in the photos.